Friday, January 22, 2010

My Amazing Talented Daughter

My oldest daughter, still in her teens, has amazing talent. She has a beautiful voice and she's taught her self to play guitar. I love it when the sounds of her singing and playing come drifting out of her room. She also is a very gifted writer. She has written the lyrics and music for a few songs, and they are really good. Just yesterday she showed me the first draft of an amazing poem she wrote the night before. She also has a great eye for photography and is working on developing that talent. Just this past week she finally made a facebook page to share some of her photography.

She's been going through some struggles lately wondering what the future holds for her. She's at that stage in life where everyone is asking her about her plans for the future. I have great confidence that if she will keep on the path she has been on and develop the skills God has given her, He will direct her paths as she keeps giving it all to Him. One day at a time the future will unfold. I'm excited to watch it happen.

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Lori@Plans4You said...

Hi, Jacqueline! I'm glad you joined us today! What a blessing to have that gift of music in your home. I so want to learn to play the guitar, but seem to get discouraged too easily. One of these days! May God bless you as you continue to guide and pray with your daughter about the plans God has for her!
Lori @ Plans4You

Molytail said...

Oh that must frustrate her, the questions about her future - people are soooo nosy sometimes :-P

She sounds like a lovely girl - I don't remember, how old is she?

My daughter is musical and is also teaching herself to play guitar - she had a teacher, but he left and went back east, so she's been winging it.


At Home on the Rock... said...

Oh Jacqueline...thanks so much for this post. My dd too is going through this .... and related things. I sooo feel for them. It's difficult for me to watch...I just want to make everything o.k.

My dd too is teaching herself to play guitar (just got one for Christmas) and is doing amazingly well with it. She plays so much by ear and also has a gift/talent for music. I *really* wish we lived closer to you folks

Jacqueline said...

Molytail - she's 17

Linda - I wish we lived closer too.

Lori (aka Plans4You) said...

Hi again, Jacqueline...just wanted to mention that I corrected the right click problem that had frustrated you! I'm glad you mentioned it in your comment last week, I am not terribly tech-oriented, so I didn't even realize! Took me a little bit to figure out what to do, but hopefully it'll be easier from here. I hope you'll join us again! :-)

Lori (from Thursday Talkin' About Teenagers!)