Friday, January 08, 2010

Care to join the "Bloggiesta" this weekend?

What's a Bloggiesta, you ask?

Natasha says "In short, it’s a blogging marathon.  An opportunity to cross those nagging items off of your to-do list and improve your blog while in the good company of other awesome bloggers doing the same thing." She is hosting a bloggiesta this weekend, starting today. Find out all the details here about what it is, how to play, who can play, prizes, etc.  

I heard about this on Robin's 52 Weeks Blog.  I am definitely going to be checking out the info and mini challenges, which you can read about here.  It sounds like a great way to pick up some blogging tips and help improve your blog, no matter what type of blog it is.

Let me know if you decide to join the celebrations, and what you thought about it after the fact, if you decide to join in the fun.  


Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I am in on this one and I was in on the 1st Bloggiesta as well. I recommend checking out all the mini challenges. They have some great tips that really helped me last time.

Have fun! :)

Vicki said...

I'm in this years Bloggiesta. I've made a few of my own goals and joined a few of the mini challenges. I'm having a blast, hope you are too!