Monday, October 06, 2008

A saluate to my firefighters!

This week is Fire Safety Week. Earlier today I published a post about it on the Newfoundland and Labrador Homeschool Nations blog that I am co-ordinator for. In that post you will find all kinds of links to information and activities. Inspired by Fire Safety Week I decided to post a saluate to my own firefighters.

DH is the Fire Chief of our community's volunteer fire department. I searched through my pictures for a picture of him in his fire gear to post but I couldn't find one.

DS#1 has been a member of the volunteer fire department for almost three years. He couldn't wait to be old enough to join and he sent his application in the day of his 18th birthday. He loves the work and has actually decided that it is something he would like to do as a career.

Here are some shots of him in action:

Being on a volunteer fire department means that you are on call 24/7. They both have their pagers attached to them at all times during the day and the pagers are sitting on their night tables by their beds at night. The pager may go off at any time and if at all possible you are expected to respond ASAP. This is something that my men do quite willingly. Sometimes it's quite funny to watch them scrabble the second the pager starts buzzing.

I am proud of them for their willingness to give up their time to be an asset to our community. I am thankful for all the members of our volunteer fire department that do the same. They are a very important part of our community and today I want to send out a salute to them all.

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Anonymous said...

How neat to have both father and son on the department! I think it's a wonderful thing to be involved in--though it often messes up whatever we're involved in at the time of the call, my husband loves it and I live vicariously through him.

At Home on the Rock... said...

Yes, many thanks to your dh, ds and all other firefighters.

Rosina said...

How neat that you have 2 firefighters in your family and what a great way to pay tribute to them :) You have a fantastic list of sites on your HSN blog to!!! Great stuff :)

Kim from Canada said...

Excellent reminder to support our firefighters! Good links, too. Thanks1