Thursday, October 09, 2008

Little One Discovers YouTube!

I fear I've lost the use of my computer! Little one has discovered nursery rhymes and songs on YouTube!

It all started innocently enough when she crawled up onto my lap while I was working on the computer and asked me to sing to her. She fed me the songs she wanted me to sing. I got stuck on the words to one of her requests, Hush Little Baby, and did a google search to find them. That's when we discovered the world of YouTube Children's Songs and Nursery Rhymes.

We listened to a number together, with me clicking to different ones to try. Little one was enthralled! Finally I'd had enough and needed to do other things. Little one wanted more. I set her up to listen to one while I went to do some housework. She sat happily singing along.

Suddenly I noticed that the song I had set up was done and another had started! She had discovered how to use the mouse and start the next song! I was in shock! I had to be sure it wasn't a fluke. I let her alone and watched in amazement as she did it again and again.

All is lost! I know have to share my computer with my not quite 3 year old!


At Home on the Rock... said...

Oh no....I hope she lets you use the computer once in awhile ;0)

It's amazing though, isn't it, *how* fast they learn about the computer.

Kim from Canada said...

After all the time and effort we put into figuring out how to use our printers and programs - sometimes unsuccessfully - and all the little ones need is some time alone and they have it all figured out! My 8yo has recently learned how to 'google' for school projects. I also have to schedule my computer time to get a turn ;o)

Jean Marie said...

your little DD is getting so big!!
Bless her little heart and so smart to boot!
Better get a schedule for computer time quick!! :)
Have been wondering how things are going for you.