Friday, July 04, 2008

A couple of things...

...that caught my eye in my google reader today.

From Homeschool Nations Nova Scotia blog - Nova Scotia homeschoolers hold an annual end of summer "Not Going Back to School Camping trip". And they even have a facebook group. how cool is that!

From Stellae Boreales blog - The Stellae Boreales, an advanced performance group from SuzukiMusic in Ottawa, have arrived safely in China. You can follow their tour through their blog. I happen to know that there are some homeschoolers in the group. :)

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molytail said...

Their camping trip sounds cool - but also expensive! It says a week on the site - most campgrounds are $15-20 bucks a night... ouch! I think I like the way ours does a "not back to school picnic at the beach" .. much cheaper LOL