Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Music Festival time!

It's been a crazy few of days at our house. DD participated in a Musical Festival in a community an hour away from us, so that meant we were out of the house and out of town for most of the days, though we didn't stay overnight.

This was DD's first year participating and I am so proud of her! She did great!

Her very first performance was Monday morning at 11, at least it was scheduled for 11 but I think it was a little closer to 11:30 before they actually started the session. She was very, very nervous, and it showed, but she did a great job. The adjudicator told her she did a great job and she didn't understand her being nervous because she sure didn't need to be. She mentioned how DD looked especially nervous when the music changed to a higher key and the adjudicator was nervous for her because she thought that the key must be too high for her and then she was shocked when DD hit the key changes perfectly! Then came the time for the marks and awards. There were only five people in the class and everyone but DD got an award. There were only first, second and third awards but there was a tie for third. DD was devastated! All the words of praise were forgotten. I think even the adjudicator was shocked that she had awarded two third place awards, meaning there was only one person that didn't get anything. I think she even felt bad. I tried to console DD by reminding her of the encouraging words and pointing out that the first place person's score was 85.5 and her score was 83.5 so there really wasn't that much difference, but there was no consoling her. She said she was finished with singing and begged me to take her home.

Her next performance was scheduled for 1:30 that same day. We didn't get out of her first performance until after 12. There wasn't much time. She was in tears and begging me to take her home and I just couldn't do it. I knew in my heart that she needed to make that next performance, but I honestly didn't know how she was going to pull herself together and do it. I knew she could do it but she needed to want to do it and she didn't want to. Anyway, I proceeded to the next venue with her still begging me to take her home. We parked and I told her she needed to do this. She got out of the van, slammed the door and went in to sing - and she did amazing! She wasn't nervous this time because she was too mad at me. :) Once again the adjudicator sang her praises. She didn't get a place but there were 8 people in this group so she wasn't the only one that didn't get placed, and she felt good about her performance. I was so proud of her! I gladly took her home for a night's rest before her next performance.

There were 10 people in the group for her next performance the next day. She was scheduled to be one of the first performers but there were some changes made and she ended up being in the middle somewhere. I'm glad she was because she got to see some of the others struggle and keep going. A couple of them had to start over. Finally it was her turn and she hit every note dead on! Man, was I proud of her! Honestly, she was the only one of the group that hit every note dead on and didn't stumble over the words. She received second place award in the class and I know she would have received first place if she had been a little more animated. It was a broadway/movie class and the others dressed the parts and really acted out their songs, but DD just stood there and sung her heart out. She had no idea before hand that people actually acted out their songs.

Inspite of a terribly beginning, DD's first experience with a music festival was a good one, and she's even talking about what she might like to do "if" she does it again.

Last night we took in the family concert that was a part of the festival. What a fun night! It was so neat to watch so many different families do so many different acts. We really enjoyed it.

So, that's where I've been the last few days. They've been busy, but great days.


At Home on the Rock... said...

Awww....I feel for your dd -- (((hugs))) to her. That's wonderful though that she stuck it out and went on to do so well. Congrats to her!


Carla said...

I am glad that you pushed her and that she went back the second day. Kudos to her for a job well done!!

molytail said...

wow - why on earth would they let that first scenario happen? :-(

Congrats to her for doing all of the performances! Hah, I'd be terrified to get up and sing in front of others...of course, if I did..they'd all leave. I can't hit a tune with a hockey stick. :-P

Becky said...

We've just finished with our own local music/performing arts festival. I tell the kids that the first time they try anything, it's just for the experience and anything extra is a bonus :). We've found it also helps to remember that the adjudicators are only human; and some years, they're better than others (we've had some real clinkers).

Congratulations to your daughter for her successses :)

Heather said...

Congratulations to your daughter for all her efforts. Music festivals can be a bit stressful! Our local one has started and we will be there every day next week for some violin event or another. I find it quite nerve wracking as do my girls but they keep coming back year after year.