Monday, April 14, 2008

Let's try this again...

I missed Menu Plan Monday last week because I was so busy the first part of the week. I really enjoyed participating the week before, however, so I've decided to try it again this week. Following Stephanie's example, I'm also going to give a little review of the meals we had the last two weeks.

Two weeks ago I posted my menu plans for the week. While I really want to try the Taco Salad Bowl I didn't get to because I sent DH shopping. :) He bought kits and the shells were too small. Also, he bought Fajita kits instead of taco kits so I didn't have the spices to make the tacos! I wasn't impressed, as I had started cooking the meat for the tacos while he was at the store. Sooo...I went searching on the internet for a recipe for Taco spice and I found one! I made just plain tacos rather than the salad bowl. They didn't turn out too bad. The Lazy Chicken Enchiladas and the Meaty Chili are always a big hit in our house. The Pulled Chicken Sandwiches were a big hit! So easy to make. It ended up being a great week meal wise.

The first part of last week was crazy because we were out of town so we ate out. Wednesday, however, I cooked a big turkey dinner - roasted turkey and dressing, potatoes, carrot, turnip, cabbage, onion pudding, peas pudding, all smothered in gravy. Yummy! Thursday I used left over turkey and gravy to make clubhouse sandwiches with poutine on the side. Once again, yummy! Friday I once again used left over turkey and gravy and made hot turkey sandwiches with fries. Umm, ummm, good! Saturday we had chicken nachos and wings. Yesterday I cooked a big cooked dinner again, much like Wednesday, but we had chicken and livers with it instead of turkey.

This week rather than give a day by day plan I've decided to just make a list of things I am thinking about having sometime in the week.

- Lasagna, from a recipe for Company's Coming Lunches.
- Slow Cooker Pot Roast - found this one a week or so ago at Weighing in on Life
- corn casserole
- Chicken and rice
- Burgers and fries

Looks like Weighing in on Life has some yummy sounding stuff posted again today.

Found a couple of sites to check out for recipes. Thanks to Mama Squirrel for pointing me to A year of Crock Potting and telling me about the Carnival of Recipes Southwestern Edition.

The Organizing Junkie has started a list of recipe sites where you can enter in your ingredients and they'll tell you possible dishes you can make with them.

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