Monday, September 11, 2006

Parenting - A Daily Routine with Lasting Rewards

I came across this great quote in a book I'm reading - Baby Games by Elaine Clow-Martin - "Most daily routines have no lasting rewards, but parenting and playing with your child do."

I like that. I'm having a great time right now parenting my three teenagers and playing with my 9 month old. Playing with my 9 month old is bringing back so many memories of playing with my other children. I see the fruits of my time spent with them and I'm fairly pleased with the results. The rewards of parenting are sometimes immediate in the shared smiles and hugs, but the lasting rewards are the memories and relationships that develop. There's no greater treasure in all the world.

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Kim said...

I like routine a lot, and have benefitted from it, but as I have grown, I realize the need for flexibility. You are so lucky to be able to parent a small child after having gained the experience with your older kids.