Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"Look at me and do likewise"

This phrase jumped out at me recently in my Bible study. I just couldn't get away from it. "Look at me and do likewise." Wow! Could I, would I, dare to say that?

Those are pretty brave words. Some would even say conceited words. You would think you would have to be perfect to say those words. Who in the world said them?

They were said by a man in the Bible that was far from perfect. He was good. He did good things. But he wasn't perfect.

Gideon said these words in Judges 7:17. He also said "watch, and...do as I do". Gideon was not a perfect man. He was not a terribly brave man. He threshed wheat in a winepress to hide it from the Midianites (Judges 6:11). He did what God told him to do but he did it in the night instead of the day because he was afraid of his father's household and the men of the city (Judges 6:27). He was somewhat rude to the Angel of the Lord and questioned what the Angel said (Judges 6:13,15). He needed sure signs before he would act (Judges 6:17,37,39). He sure doesn't sounds like a good example to follow. But he said it, inspite of his short comings he came to a place where he knew he was doing God's will and he said, "Look at me and do likewise".

I am challenged by this phrase this week. I want to come to that place in God where I can say 'Look at me and do likewise". I don't want to say it out of pride, but I want to be an example that others can follow, inspite of all my shortcomings, and know that they will be doing God's will. I want to naturally lead people to God's will.

I am especially challenged to be able to say that to my family. "Look at me and do likewise." They know me and all my shortcomings, but I want to be able to rise above those and with confidence say, "Watch, do as I do". Help me God to come to that place in You.


Heather said...

I love that phrase, Jacqueline. It reminds me how far I am from perfection, and to strive always to be what God wants me to be so that I can be an example to other. So often we just do what we can to get by, but how much more God wants of us to be and experience His best!

Thanks for the reminder to do my best today.


Kim said...

That is a very risky thing, indeed. It's hard to keep our pride at bay when we contemplate things like that.

Some days, I'm willing to say it, others I'm not. Most of the time, I just point others to Christ, and leve myself out of it!

Jacqueline said...

Yes, Kim, I think that is the best thing - to point others to Christ. The scary thing is that others watch us whether we want them to or not. Sometimes I think that them seeing us doing the best we can with all our shortcomings helps them to realize that they can only do the same thing and they don't have to quit because they're not perfect.

Yes, Heather, perfection is elusive, but striving to be our best is important. It is, however, important to guard ourselves from any pride while we strive. Hmmm, I just made a rhyme. :-)